Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a lovely day yesterday, with two family members missing. My DH found a paper on the meaning of Thanksgiving that my Mother had written; I had overlooked this when I went through her papers. (So many papers, so little time.) So here it is: I read this among some tears before we ate our feast.

"WHAT THANKSGIVING MEANS TO ME: WHO IS THANKSGIVING? You and me: for living in this wonderful country of America blessed with freedom to speak, worship, live, spend, earn as we please and are able. You and me for knowing and worshiping is a loving, organized, fair, compassionate, all-knowing GOD who cares for us in everything. All of us for having been given the financial means of obtaining this lovely building to worship our GOD in beauty and holiness. All of us for using our talents in building and decorating this lovely building for GOD'S service. All of us for being receipients of GOD'S grace and bounty.

WHEN IS THANKSGIVING? Our formal Thanksgiving comes at the end of a munificent season of growth and bounty from GOD'S earth. When all the crops are gathered in and we are free to gather together to sing our praises to GOD and give our thanks for showering such as HIS bounty on us. Our president has decreed such a day set aside for all our country to publicly thank GOD for all these blessings. We are GOD'S people. We know HIS WORD....are we content to thank HIM only one day a year? "In everything give thanks"....when does everything come? Every moment of the day, everyday of the week....all the time....forever. Thank you Lord for everything.

WHAT IS THANKSGIVING? Thanksgiving is giving thanks. Saying Thank You! I appreciate what you have done for me. This we learn from our childhood. Thank you is for everyday living. However, Thanksgiving is for a special purpose. Giving thanks to GOD for all the wonderful things HE has given. Not only food for this day, but home and family, jobs, and talents; sun and rain, day and night, things and feelings, sick and well, dark and light, love and caring.....ALL THINGS.

WHERE IS THANKSGIVING? Thanksgiving is here in our lovely building among our friends; at home at dinner with our family, in GOD'S world and HIS WORD. In our hearts full of gratitude to HIM who gives us all our needs and has more to give as we ask while loving HIM."

This may have been Mom's "piece" to read when Memphis Baptist Church had its dedication for the new church building. One man lost his life while building the roof for this building. (I forgot the date when this church was built....) I would encourage whoever reads this, if anyone, that you give thanks in EVERYTHING good or bad for there is a reason and purpose that you've had or experienced certain things in your life. Sometimes we go our own way not believing that there IS a greater force (GOD) out there directing our paths. Life is not meant to be an easy glide....we'd like that, but then we would not develop any CHARACTER. Life's trials and tribulations give us our needed character....our essence.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Just a few comments from a Politically Incorrect Gal

Well, I'd thought of quite a few things to write about this week, but didn't get to it, so of course, the "senior moment" took over and it all left me. On Facebook this am., there was a "survey" about political correctness in our language and whether it had "gone too far", etc. Of course, our language has changed so much lately, that the words we had specific meanings for has turned into something else! We listen to the politicians talk and we THINK we know what they are saying, only to find out that they didn't say what we thought they were saying. Take the newest member to get elected to the House of Rep. in Washington: he promised to not vote for the health care bill, but DID vote for the bill and promptly broke 4 of his campaign "promises" within one hour of being sworn in.

A friend of mine wrote about "common sense", but I believe that is now an "oxymoron." It is no longer common nor does it make sense. We are being manipulated by an elite system who believes they know more about what is the best for us instead of we ourselves. And, I find I feel I have to be discreet with my "liberal democrat friends" since I am now not moving in the "new" direction. I STILL believe in the INDIVIDUAL and the importance of freedom and the Constitution, but I can see that this is NOT the "NEW" way. I am to support others who I am NOT responsible for, who had nothing to do with raising me or giving me values, who did not support me when I was working my way through college, and who, seemingly, are not willing to be responsible for themselves!

So what happened to thinking for oneself? And using the brain the God (oops!) created for us? Are you still wanting to be spoon fed everything that is tossed out there? Or are you wanting to RESEARCH what's really happening to us in the country? Do you think you make a difference or are you willing to sit back and watch history repeat itself here in the "Good Ole USA"?

TOLERANCE: endurance; the disposition to tolerate beliefs, practices, or habits differing from one's own;