Thursday, November 8, 2012

November's Chill

A definite Winter-like chill in the air; I'm still alive after the election earlier this week. I am in mourning though to see our beloved country changing major philosophies involving HONOR and INTEGRITY to those lacking in such. But then again, I'm "old" at 68 and resistant to change. And I knew that eventually this would happen when the "world views" would collide. So now, I prepare for the next stage of living this one out.

I am glad the election process is over so that I might focus on my Creative Needs and Psychological Projects.....most "creative" people use this creative mechanism for psychological benefit.....One forgets one's troubles, whether real or imagined. And there ARE just some things that are beyond each person's ability to control!!

Let's see what's new to show here.....
A vintage item pincushion to be found at

A bracelet cuff with antique/vintage buttons to be found at the Artisans Guild, Oneonta, NY

A neck collar to be found at the above shop.....

And, still another neck collar available at the Artisans Guild, Oneonta, NY

So we keep on creatin' and keep our hands busy and our minds full of fantastical ideas for new goodies! Enjoy your life!! Maggie Newman

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October's Brilliance....

The weather guy stated that the trees would not be so glorious this year in CNY due to the "drought"...lack of normal rainfall and heat. Well, as I sit here wasting my time, waiting for a creative explosion to occur in my mind, I look outside the window at a wonderful splash of color....oranges, red, yellows, and even a bit of green. A lovely fall day....a bit cool....but the summer is definitely leaving us. I think I better get my stuff together for another photo shoot so that I have something to offer the wandering blog reader. According to the stats, I do have a few who read this.

This year's birthday of October 5th was somewhat of a bummer. A cherished family member died on my watch and I was left to call the others and let them know their father died. So...the vintage collector is now 68. Some days when the back and the knee kick in to let me know that they are truly a part of my body, I feel my "age"; but otherwise I'm still a young chick! (Of course, the chiropractor helps).

I have laid out and cut some beautiful teddies and rabbits for the artist doll/artist bear show in Philadelphia, PA. I so look forward to this seems to be established now....for its "eye candy" and myriad of ideas I find upon studying other artists' work.

This is "Leather and Lace" using antique and vintage items and a more traditional bear pattern. The brooch is amethyst; the head embellishment is is an antique shoe decoration with tulle. The bear's head is shaved mink; the body is imported mohair; the leg limbs are faux leather. A One-Of-A-Kind piece. (I forgot what I priced her).....under $200.00.

Have a blessed Fall!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September Song

September already! The song says "it's a long, long time from May to September" and the days grow short when it reaches September......We're in creative flux here, trying to decide the next NEW thing we're going to put together. I feel that I need to keep moving onward (not forward), trying to extend myself creatively. Some items seem to have waned in customers' OOAK handbags. The pincushions are still strong, but it's time to think of some other path to pursue. I did do a BRA creation for the Thousand Islands Arts Center in Clayton, NY. This is their second "Bra-VO" creation project for the benefit of breast cancer and of course, the arts center. I donated my bra creation to them for whatever purpose it is intended. The title of this piece is:"Birds of a Feather Flock Together". Feathered trims, blue sky vintage leaves for the sky, and mushroom birds complete the piece. First time I ever succumbed to doing a bra as an art form.

I have several creative pieces currently in the "September" window of the Artisans Guild in Oneonta, NY. I do so love Fall....

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Ride in the Park! Latest creation for the Teddy Bear Artists' Invitational show in Binghamton, NY on August 16-18, 2012. The bear limbs are armature created for pose-ability; hands and fingers are found on the trike driver. Lady bear is made from upholstery mohair and costumed with soft white cottons, tulle skirting; decorated with pink roses, small rhinestone teddy pin, vintage "purse". The hat is vintage feathers with gathered ribbon and other florals. Mr. Trike driver is made from upholstery velvet and costumed in vintage wool pants and hat.
I've been trying various techniques with the "open mouth"....some are more successful than others. BUT these guys are depicting a HAPPY DAY with a ride in the park. A One-Of-A-Kind piece @ $275.00

Sunday, July 8, 2012

WOW!! According to some stats I found here, someone is actually reading my blog?? Amazing! This gives me more impetus to keep up with "the Peacock's Eye" more frequently. I've been having a spate of creativity....jewels mostly.....but am now working on my Teddy Bear Artists Invitational Gallery piece for the 2012 August show. When I have that moving along better, I shall do a photoshoot....Suffice it to say, the lady bear is coming along well, equipped with hands and fingers, and should be all put together by the end of this week. I have been trying out various costumes in my mind; the piece is titled "A ride in the Park." She will be riding in a fancy wicker "ric-shaw" vehicle with her own driver.....LOL....Wait until you see!!

Anyway, I would like to show some of my latest jewelry pieces that are to be found at the Artisans Guild, Oneonta, NY.

Most of these items use vintage items....beads, steel cuts.....each is One-Of-A-Kind!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ah, the Merry Month of May! We experienced the Art Doll/Art Bear show in Philadelphia, PA promoted by the Quinlan's and their doll/bear museum in Santa Barbara, CA. Wonderful eye candy for me....more doll artists....just LOVE to see the creative work!! I took a doll class with Ankie Daneen, a professional doll maker, and learned to use creative paperclay and create an "innocent face". Very fun and educational! Hope to continue in this.....
The photo shows "The JazzBeard" a figment of my imagination created from a George Gershwin tune  titled "The JazzBird". I heard this on a Melissa Manchester CD titled "Naughty Lady" which I have not been able to find again for sale. (Was going to add this CD to the bear package sale). The JazzBeard shows the direction I'm going in right now....incorporating hands and fingers to give more "action" to my pieces. The costuming was from vintage fabrics....faille (which I cannot find here in Syracuse, NY) and a metallic piece that I had stashed. The shoes were created from a heavy knit of metallic/glittery black fabric; she wears vintage rhinestone jewelry to complete the look. Vintage jewels adorn the fingers, too. Just LOVE IT!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I see that I haven't been on here in a LONG time!! 2012 is flying by......I'm creating items for the Philadelphia, PA art doll and art bear show for May 3-5 this year. I am excited about attending this show; it was just MARVELOUS last year and so much fun!! Great EYE CANDY for creative people. I'll try to post some "pics" of my current ARTIST pincushions that I have enjoyed creating.

Sunday, January 22, 2012