Monday, June 3, 2013

June "Is Bustin' Out All Over!"

I sit here at the computer and see rhododendron blossoms, iris flowering, and soon to be peonies. Love the new green that comes this time of year. Early in the morning, all the many birds are singing...geese are honking....I do so love the country! We had a lovely show at the Philadelphia Art Doll and Art Bear show in May. A busy month, May was. I hope to get time this month to do a photo shoot of projects completed, and books to sell on The Crawl Space in Little York, NY is now open with some new handbags and Maggie-jewelry available there. Here's the artist bear project that I completed for Philadelphia. It is a vintage potato chip can, with an opening cut out for displaying many dolls and bears. I used small items from my own collection, and many bear/doll artists are represented. There are lights on the inside of the tin lid to illuminate the critters. Mohair head, arms and legs were jointed onto the tin top and sides to create an illusion of a large bear "hugging" the contents. I LOVE doing multi-faceted projects like this; I feel that I am "stretching" my creativity.

Not sure what I'm up to next....I do have some new ideas for "Ladies With a Past" or "Vintage Vixens" combining vintage VASES with upper body dolls and unique faces. We'll see how these work out!