Saturday, November 2, 2013

October's almost finished! As I run this course of life, I wonder where the time goes! October is the big birthday month around here; I turned 69....a fortuitous age perhaps? I'm like  Grandma
  Walton in the episode I witnessed on TV so long ago--she's older, but doesn't FEEL any older! I do believe we need to keep our passions with us in order to remain "young". Since I was quite a bit younger when I viewed this particular TV lesson, it made an impression on me: would I feel the same as Grandma, or would I know I was considered "old" by most of society who believes that one's usefulness diminishes upon age-ing?? My mantra has been, "Ya gotta keep going!"

I've not done much new creative stuff lately; I've been cleaning out the "Creative Room', and organizing it so that I'd have more "room" to walk about and less clutter. A rather large project, to be sure.I bought one of those fancy drawer-ed plastic (lucite?) units from JoAnn Fabrics and managed to fill every drawer with jewelry creating items! I did create some jewelry!

Of course, the date is now November 2nd. Sister and I had a lovely trip to Dunbar, WV to visit our brother/wife down there during the last week of October. I'm trying to make a list of items to complete next; I have also been searching out new teddy/doll shows to travel to. I'd like some new venues!
These are all the current artist bear pincushions that have been created for under $70. These may be viewed more closely--more pictures--at bagsbeadsbears/shop/ Each is a One-Of-A-Kind item.

I love creating lapel pins using various face and semi-precious stone cabochons. Here's a selection of these.

I have more of these to create for the upcoming Christmas season!