Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunny Saturday, But Cold!

Well, I got in a day of sewing yesterday. I sewed up some bear bodies in preparation for the two bear shows that I'm doing this year. I have not done a marathon bear sewing in quite some time, since I do not like to have unsold stuff hanging around...inventory they call it. But it was nice to get in the groove again. I have lots of "projects" lined up (in my mind) for this year. I have a "fairy" doll to create for CNYDAG due in May; an art doll show to do with this group at the Rome Arts Center in June; a creative piece to do for TBAI in August...the book "Where The Wild Things Are"; and another bear show at Hunt Valley in November. My sister Joan and I are are wanting to make PINCUSHIONS some time soon as well, and I have another show to do in Clayton, NY with the handbags. My sister Risha takes her jewels and we make a fun weekend of it all! So, I'm trying to stay home more and "shop" less using the fabrics etc. that I have on hand already.

The puppies are gone now, except for the two we decided to keep. If all the dogs live, we'll have four! Patch has that collapsing trachea and coughs a bit; we give him Robitussin cough liquid according to the vet's instructions. These dogs are keeping Dave going and in good health for the health he's in. LOL....The pups went to good and caring homes...we know for sure. IVY will meet her destiny next at the vet's soon....within a week or two.

Sorry no new pictures yet of new dolls or bears....we'll catch up soon. Love ya! NEWM

Monday, March 15, 2010

Want to Wreak Havoc??

Probably no one knows what that means..."to wreak havoc", since we do not use the same language any more that our parents used. So find a dictionary! Or....find 10 puppies....we have 9 of them now, as "Hunter" went yesterday to his new parents. I figured I was in great shape for being 65, but these guys have worn me down some. I can only hope that we can find GOOD CARING HOMES for each one of them! This was a "planned pregnancy" since my DH, the OUTDOORSMAN, decided he wanted the perfect bird dog. These pups have lineage that hunt and retrieve waterfowl and also grouse and pheasants. They are VERY loving and social, but they do make a mess! The sire is a Llewellyn Setter...the ORIGINAL English Setter, and the dam is a Black Lab. Patch (sire) has lineage of Hank the TV hunting dog fame and he is working out quite well now at age 3. IVY (dam) has always been an eager-to-please-playful-retrieving girl. She goes EVERYWHERE with least she did before puppy-time.  It's hard to get good pictures of anything black, which is the color these guys are fond of; sporting a bit of white blaze on their chests. They are 6 weeks now and just full of fun wreaking havoc everywhere they go!