Saturday, April 19, 2014

Part 2 of April's Theme.....

I finished the photo shoot this am. I need more "how-to-photo-the work" instruction; IPhoto does not seem to work too well in clarifying details of the bear creations, etc. If the bears are dark, the details do not show well at all, even when I "adjust" the software. Something I need to work on for sure. Anyway, here's some more creations for the Philadelphia, PA show....MUCH BETTER when seen in person!!

This is the "2014 Artist Bear" created from vintage wool carriage robe... variegated brown tones....large bear 26 inches decorated with glittery jewels and crystals. I used the needle felting machine to add various colors of roving, mohairs, then used hand needles to finish it off. I am very pleased, though this photo does not do this bear justice!

This is "Harry L and the Barber 2014" created from LONG mohair fur to create eyebrows, mustache, and goatee. The little guy (the barber?? You decide who's who) is sitting on an antique mustache cup with his own shaving brush.

This is "Rufus" a self-standing bear created from 2 different mohair furs. An original pattern....Love this guy!

I managed to create ten new pieces for the May show!! So passed the winter, having fun and soothing the "savage beast" of frustration. I really wanted to be in Florida! Laughing....

Friday, April 18, 2014

Time Flies, But Winter Does Not!!

Well, here we are in April. I spent most of the winter gnashing my teeth over various troubles here....brought about by someone who is getting older and finding out that there are now some limitations??? Maybe for him, but my mantra "Just Gotta Keep Going" is still on my tongue. I tried to spend time in the Creative Room getting ready for my "eye candy" artist bear/artist doll show that is soon to be the first weekend in May @ Philadelphia, PA. I admit to not having any new artsy flashes coming before my eyes, so I decided to re-visit some of the work I had done previously that no one would remember seeing, since it was definitely One-Of-A-Kind. I'm showing some of the finished pieces here, even though I need to have another photo shoot soon in order to show the rest. I tightened up the joints on the bears, using larger joint discs to fill out the arms/legs sockets. Much better looking bears! I also bought a couple of new sewing machines...Janome is a needle felting machine which I've used to create the 2014 Artist Bear...not pictured yet.

"Hal E. Peno" of Hispanic Ethnic Heritage complete with serape, beads
and jalapeno peppers

 "La Siesta" of Hispanic Ethnic Heritage with
antique "Mexican" rug serape, beaded necklace, beaded stick pin, sleeping against his own beaded

"The Motorcycle Song" (inspired by Arlo Guthrie's
song, of course
This is for the male gallery...wooden motorcycle found
at a "flea market"...many different kinds of wood found in this cycle
Bear wears leather vest

This is "Olive Jade" from the Gemstone Collection
wearing vintage glass beads, vintage corsage headpiece,
and vintage silk "handbag"

So, if there are any readers able, please attend Quinlan's Art Doll/Art Teddy Bear Show @ the Clarion Hotel (near the airport) in Philadelphia,PA May 1 through May 3, 2014.