Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Ides of March!!

March is going on forever here! Snow most everyday and bone-chilling-cold. BUT, I have managed to make pretty good use of this weather by being in the Creative Room most everyday. The red biker bear has sold through the Artisans Guild, 148 Main Street, Oneonta, NY; I am putting a couple more bears in the shop when I go down to work there this week.  I have been working on "junque" projects for the artist doll and bear show convention in Philadelphia, PA the first full weekend in May. Here's a couple of my "outsider"(assemblage) art pieces.

This is "A BearMaker's Sampler"....a showcase of possible bear creations offered by the teddy bear artist.

This next piece is titled "Shoo, Shoe, Baby" a take-off of the musical theme from 1942 by the Andrews' Sisters. Music does inspire many imaginative meanderings of my mind, and it does keep me peaceful during long winters. HAH!

Many vintage /antique items are found in this piece: an old tin doll head with "roving" eyes, a shoe box with sandbag, old metal shoe measurer from a shoe shop, multi-trims, metal buckles, shoe spacers with wired beads, metal netted trims, music paper, vintage black sued-ed shoe, vintage red roses floral pins.....

The next piece to be shown is the "art doll created by the teddy bear artist" titled "Looking At The World Through Rose Colored Glasses." I have not sculpted in years now, since I've discovered this "assemblage/outsider" art form. I've just had SO MUCH FUN creating some of these things.