Thursday, January 1, 2015

Art Bear and Art Doll Totems!

For years, I have bought bear pins, unique bear necklaces, and also collected art doll and art bear tack pins from the various shows that I have attended or shown my art. I had the bear totem idea last year, but due to the creating of other items, I had to place this creation a bit down on my list. Well, I just finished my own bear totem, but I now find that I have other ideas churning around in this brain of mine for more! I would like to generate my own creative challenge to artists: create your own totem of art for your specific artform. Here's what Maggie's Bear Totem looks like:

The bear is 26 inches, created from an antique carriage robe (rayon, I believe), that I hand dyed, since I did not truly like the taupe color of the carriage robe. If I create more using this fabric, I shall use "color remover" (Rit) before I try to dye this, since the color I had in my mind did not show up! However, I LOVE reds, so I am happy with the result. I do not intend to retail this piece; it's for ME to remind me of the wonderful times/shows in which I have sold my art work. I believe this challenge would be fun for many who have fallen in love with the creativeness of art dolls and art bears.