Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Dream Giver

The giver of DREAMS is the Lord HIMSELF! I truly believe it! (He is also the giver of FREEDOMS and NOT the government.) That's why when we trust and believe in Him, we ARE free indeed. His truth makes us free...or "sets" us free as some say. Anyway, I'm wanting to tell the reader (if any) about this book called The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson. The author presents a modern day parable about a dreamer and the obstacles that crop up as soon as one decides to act upon the dream. These obstacles are really opportunities that harden the dreamer and give the dreamer character (often lacking today) in which to pursue said dream.

To pursue the dream, one has to leave his/her comfort zone and do things that they may not normally do. This is scary and others who think they know the dreamer well, may not support the person's desire to reach the dream. Many "border bullies" appear to THWART (there's that word again) the dreamer's desire and to foster NEGATIVITY in the whole plan. Please realize that this dream chasing is a LIFE-LONG JOURNEY. The dream may not succeed; or it may become something else altogether. Some people forget their dreams; some people never realize their dreams/potential because they FEAR the unknown and the road ahead.

Pursuing dreams does not happen automatically. It is HARD WORK and takes PRAYER, and determination to succeed. My dream was to create beautiful artsy "things" and to sell them. I still do the creating part, but the selling part is the hard part. There are many who are "starving artists" and wannabe creators. There is great competition in this creative world. I wonder what will become of my teddy/doll "art" when "I'm gone". Will anyone want it? Our life here is temporary and a journey we all travel individually, wanting to make a "mark" on our lives so that someone knows we were here. I'm glad I have eternity as my GIFT. That fact makes this life journey much more bearable! To all my fellow dreamers, I wish you well and God's success, not necessarily man's. (Read about some of the now famous artists who were not appreciated in their own life times....Van Gogh)

Count it all Joy and be thankful in EVERYTHING....good or bad.