Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October's Brilliance....

The weather guy stated that the trees would not be so glorious this year in CNY due to the "drought"...lack of normal rainfall and heat. Well, as I sit here wasting my time, waiting for a creative explosion to occur in my mind, I look outside the window at a wonderful splash of color....oranges, red, yellows, and even a bit of green. A lovely fall day....a bit cool....but the summer is definitely leaving us. I think I better get my stuff together for another photo shoot so that I have something to offer the wandering blog reader. According to the stats, I do have a few who read this.

This year's birthday of October 5th was somewhat of a bummer. A cherished family member died on my watch and I was left to call the others and let them know their father died. So...the vintage collector is now 68. Some days when the back and the knee kick in to let me know that they are truly a part of my body, I feel my "age"; but otherwise I'm still a young chick! (Of course, the chiropractor helps).

I have laid out and cut some beautiful teddies and rabbits for the artist doll/artist bear show in Philadelphia, PA. I so look forward to this show....it seems to be established now....for its "eye candy" and myriad of ideas I find upon studying other artists' work.

This is "Leather and Lace" using antique and vintage items and a more traditional bear pattern. The brooch is amethyst; the head embellishment is is an antique shoe decoration with tulle. The bear's head is shaved mink; the body is imported mohair; the leg limbs are faux leather. A One-Of-A-Kind piece. (I forgot what I priced her).....under $200.00.

Have a blessed Fall!