Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Total of 67 Years!

I think I'm beginning to feel my age! I'm not moving as fast as I was, and when it comes to WORK, I just THINK about it! It's already Thanksgiving time here at Newm'sNook, and I'm the one who is hosting the annual feast. So, clean the house today; make up beds for the company. Then tomorrow catch up the "loose ends"....however many that may be. This too shall pass...Smile.

Sales have been slow to non-existent except for the Jewels at The Artisans Guild in Oneonta, NY. These have been keeping me in "pin" money, which is very helpful. I'm very concerned about the direction of our country, the USA. We seem to have forgotten our roots and most everyone is only concerned with their own little corner of their "world", not able to give up the "me-ness" to consider the needs of others. I still try to keep up the creating anyway. Creating is great therapy! Pictures show the great Santa bears made for this year's Christmas. This first piece is "SnowShoe Santa and Friend".

This piece is my "Trike Santa" with his trike cart filled with all sorts of gifts from dolls & bears, toys, to musical instruments and golf clubs. Both of these pieces are found at the Crawl Space Artigiana and Gift Shop in Little York, NY. A great gift shop and gallery.
Hope everyone who may read this (LOL) have wonderful holidays and perhaps anewed prosperity will come about next year...2012! (When I was a kid, I was never going to live this long!)