Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Not-So-Merry Month of May

Well, at 5 am. today our puppy dog Ruby went to doggie heaven. I KNOW there is no such thing, but it does help me grieve better.....She's buried out in our own Pet Cemetery down near the garden. We bought a Rose-of-Sharon tree on Friday to place down there to mark Jazz & Briar, never thinking that we'd see another dog go there. She was 5 months old. She was a happy pup; very quick, aggressive, and enjoyed a good run. She found a short tail shrew which she decided to eat and that was her undoing. Our neighbor looked up this shrew on the internet because Dave felt that the pup had been poisoned. The SHREW emits a venom that paralyzes its' victims and then the venom works on the muscles and nervous systems of said victims. It can cause a great deal of pain to humans, too, if they decide to handle the animal. Though Ruby was quite a bit larger than the SHREW, and had regurgitated the meal, the damage was done. Symptoms showed up later and she got to the vet's too late.

Ruby was the "runt" of our past litter. I had decided to keep her because she seemed like such a "lonesome girl" in that she didn't relate to the other nine so quickly. But as the pups went to their new homes, she came out of her "shell" and began to harass the other pups and adult dogs. She was FEARLESS! We are missing her......

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