Saturday, September 3, 2011

WOW! Time flies when you're having "FUN"!

I've just seen the date of my last posting and it has been a long time! I've been creating new jewelry, which I never seem to get any pics taken to show off, before I take it to the Artisans' Guild in Oneonta, NY for selling! I've done a few new handbags....sales have slowed down for these....and now need to figure out new bears and "art" dolls for November shows coming up.

The creative room is a mess and I need to spend time cleaning out that space. The summer has been mostly spent helping Sister Risha unload the stuff in her house so that she can sell the house. We had an auction and then sent much stuff to the Rescue Mission here in Syracuse.

We did a show in Clayton, NY...I LOVE that town! Small items sold and people used their credit cards for these small sales, but we made enough to meet expenses. Our close friends are experiencing physical troubles due to age-ing, and we "worry" about their health. It has been a weird year with me not doing much traveling to any place. I have read a lot of books though; enjoy reading and the reclusiveness of that. THE HELP was both a good book and a good movie! Enjoyed!

This piece was my Teddy Bear Artists' Invitational art gallery piece for 2011. It sold! The theme was "Treasures" of which I felt that "Old Friends" was one of my most valued treasures.

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