Thursday, November 8, 2012

November's Chill

A definite Winter-like chill in the air; I'm still alive after the election earlier this week. I am in mourning though to see our beloved country changing major philosophies involving HONOR and INTEGRITY to those lacking in such. But then again, I'm "old" at 68 and resistant to change. And I knew that eventually this would happen when the "world views" would collide. So now, I prepare for the next stage of living this one out.

I am glad the election process is over so that I might focus on my Creative Needs and Psychological Projects.....most "creative" people use this creative mechanism for psychological benefit.....One forgets one's troubles, whether real or imagined. And there ARE just some things that are beyond each person's ability to control!!

Let's see what's new to show here.....
A vintage item pincushion to be found at

A bracelet cuff with antique/vintage buttons to be found at the Artisans Guild, Oneonta, NY

A neck collar to be found at the above shop.....

And, still another neck collar available at the Artisans Guild, Oneonta, NY

So we keep on creatin' and keep our hands busy and our minds full of fantastical ideas for new goodies! Enjoy your life!! Maggie Newman

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