Thursday, August 8, 2013

August Blues.....

I was never too fond of August; especially when I was teaching school. It was the last month before the major push to go back to the school teaching job......the job I grew to dislike as the years went on. The job changed: kids were not so respectful, parents weren't either; lack of support from any administration. But I'm done with this august problem and in the next phase of living my life. I have one creative show coming up this month at the 1000 Islands Arts Center in Clayton, NY. The dates are August 24 and 25th, 2013. Clayton is a lovely town! It's on the St. Lawrence River....quiet, beautiful...and refreshing to this soul.

I'm taking items that I usually take: handmade jewelry, artsy pin cushions, and artist handbags. I decided I better check for any inventory today, so I'd have a bit of time to create new stuff! My "Creative Room" is a mess; I'm in the throes of cleaning out and moving stuff around....taking inventory of what props, fabrics, etc., that I have for my various projects......checking to see what I can let go of by selling on my sites. (At my age, I'm afraid I'll never get to use it all)!
So, I have nothing new yet to show, but please "bear" with me; there will be more new stuff to come.

If you visit these pages and enjoy them, please become a "follower". Otherwise, this exercise in writing is just another journalling attempt.

Thanks! Maggie Newman

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