Sunday, December 27, 2009

Contemplating the Year's End......

I have no idea if I have any words of wisdom for this entry. I've been finishing up projects and making a list of up-coming projects for 2010. A NEW decade; everyone is proclaiming! I wonder where this past decade went. LOL....I am retired for ten years now and the passage of time just seems so innocuous. I've tried to make great strides lately to recall parts of my life as to what ages I did what things, and what do I really remember? My husband is so great at remembering stuff; I just sit there and think, "No, I don't really remember that." "That really happened? When?" and I do not have dementia yet either. I've tried to control my emotions I guess, and not mark the things in life that I had no control over. I do have plenty of sad/bad things that I remember doing...sins that I committed that only God and I know about. Maybe that's why I don't remember the other stuff! I remember my old life and compare it to myself (sometimes) with this my new and happier life. I do know that I don't want the old life back!!

Another of the Old Guard died on Christmas Eve Day: Elva Buck. She was a LADY! I can only hope that her family truly appreciated her. She was one of my mother's friends....a great organist and piano-ist who played for my mother when she sang her "hard" songs that no one sings any more. This lady was always so gracious and made you think that you were the most important person in the world to her when you talked to her. I don't think I have that gift. My husband says that we are becoming the "Old Guard" now. Anyway, heaven is richer for this lady.

My friend posing up above is a jester piece that I created quite some time ago. I really need a great name for this bear! I'm going to post it on http// I tried to keep it simple and have the attention go to the face area. The hat is created from vintage upholstery fabrics, decorated with glass pearls, and a vintage clip of wooden pearlized beads. The mohair is a soft orange color; the bear is fully jointed and filled with glass beads and fiberfill stuffing. Maybe she needs a friend to go with her??

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