Monday, December 7, 2009

A Title?? It's a Cold One Here Today.....

You know, as Winter stretches out before me, I always think I'm going to use my time wisely and get so many creative projects done. What happens actually, is that the darkness of winter over takes me and I "rest" like some of God's other critters. I have a couple of deadlines coming up June/August where I've committed to complex creations, so I have to determine not to succumb to the Winter "Blues". I miss Florida; it would energize me so during this time of year.

My favorite Christmas gift from my husband, has been the gift card from Barnes & Noble. I do enjoy reading; it exercises my imagination, and also I get to travel to places that I have not been to before. One book that had a few statements that impacted me was SUITE FRANCAISE by Irene Nemirovsky. I read this one LAST winter, but there were a couple of lines that made me sit up and notice. This book is about the occupation of France in the early 1940's, and how a small French town had to learn to live with the occupiers--German soldiers. Pages 177 and 178 contain a discussion by a couple whose fortunes have fallen on hard times because of the storm of this war.

"You mean you still don't understand that nobody cares about anybody?"
She looked at him. "You're strange, Maurice. You've seen people at their most cynical, their most disillusioned, and at the same time you're not unhappy, I mean, not really unhappy inside! Am I wrong?"
"So what makes it all right, then?"
"My certainty that deep down I'm a free man," he said, after thinking for a moment. "It's a constant, precious possession, and whether I keep it or lose it is up to me and no one else. I desperately want the insanity we're living through to end. I desperately want what has begun to finish. In a word, I desperately want this tragedy to be over and for us to try to survive it, that's all. What's important is to live:.....One day at a time. To survive, to wait, to hope."

There's another line that I believe goes along with this: "You shall know the truth, and the TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE." Truth is hard to come by, I think. My hope is for anyone reading this, (HAH!) that you are learning the TRUTH.....Truth is rather tenuous now days.

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