Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a Little "Catsup"....

Today is bright and shiny: February 1, 2010 (2-01-2010). An interesting number to write. I had to write it a few times this morning, as I had fasting blood work, a bone density test, and a mammogram. I figured I might as well get it ALL done in one day! In an hour or so, I'm off to the lawyer's to see about finishing up my duties as Eleanor Button executor. We also have 10 new puppies which came over early Sunday morning....aren't all babies born in the early hours between 12:30 am and 5 am.? Mother and babies are doing fine; a noisy bunch! Well, they can't see or hear, so life is very dependent upon a mother.

I've been finishing up some projects that have been around for several YEARS! Gulp....bears; a bear pincushion.... Getting primed for the bigger stuff: new dolls for the Rome Art Center show in June, and TBAI bear show in August. Since no one else is reading this but me, I'm recording some ideas I'm "toying" with.....Oh! a great PUN! These are for the adult collector and not for children to play with. (1) I Meet Myself Coming and Going(doll) (2) Looking at the World Through Rose Colored Glasses(doll) (3) CNYDAG challenge fairy doll (4) Where the Wild Things Are(bears) (5) I'm a Little Jazz BEARd (Bird), a Gershwin tune complete with mouthed bear....and (6) some smaller Bendi cloth dolls decorated with fibers and beads. Now that it's all down here, one can hope that I don't check this page for my list. LOL....age, y'know.

Tomorrow the woodchuck sees his shadow and we have 6 more months of winter. That's par for Central New York. I'm trying to think of Sunny Florida and pretend winter's not happening here!

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  1. Hello Mrs. Newman!!

    Aaron told us all about the puppies. . Sounds like ya'll have your hand full!!

    I've been experimenting lately with some baby clothes!! Yesterday I made a cute pink slip that I embroidered a blue flower pattern on at the top! It looks so cute!! I think that I'm going to work on some more baby stuff this after noon!!

    Also, I tried making some bags out of all my scrap fabrics!! They're OK...nothing like anything you make but since I can't stand to through anything away they work!! =D