Saturday, June 19, 2010

June Notes....

I'm going to have to do another photo shoot, since I do have some neat PINCUSHIONS that I've created for my up and coming sales in August. No...I haven't started the TBAI gallery piece yet....I'm STILL thinking about it! But, maybe today, I'll get my "monster patterns" out and start a more specific thought process. I'm with my dear Kathy Jensen....I'm beginning to hate deadlines! I always have good intentions, but I remember what Mom used to say about "good intentions". Ahem...for those of you (who MIGHT read this, LOL...) HELL is paved with good intentions!! Think of it--someday I'm going to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and I'll accept His salvation. Not today but someday.....

It seems like summer has been with us for quite sometime now. I wrote on Facebook, that I remembered when my summer started when school was out. It seemed, THEN, that the days would stretch out for such a long time; now they fly away! It's almost 7 am. here now and soon, another day will be gone. (And, what did I do?) I'm trying to fight age-ing by keeping the imagination going. While I was in Potsdam last week, I bought a couple of items that are going to make really COOL art doll/bear creations! One such item was a wooden fish that is brightly colored; a mermaid idea came along with that. I'm also taking an online class on automata, which is a system of gears that cause movement in doll or animal forms. I've wanted to learn to do this for a long time.

Here's one pincushion already for Teddy Bear Artists' Invitational at Binghamton, NY August 14 sale.

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