Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July News Notes.....

Well, I just posted my items to the wrong post. I guess they'll delete it if it's not considered "proper". So, here's what I basically wrote and published to the other site. We're having a wonderful heat wave here in NYS....I'm pretty susceptible to hot/humid, so I try to take it easy. My DH worries about me in this weather, since Hot/Humid and Crohn's seem to go hand-in-hand sometimes. I'm posting some new items here that I'll be showing at TBAI in August (Teddy Bear Artists' Invitational, Binghamton, NY). This is a premiere show that I just love being a part of, even as I grow older and do not get as much creative work completed as I'd like. I still have an abundance of ideas, but have other demands upon my time which seem to interfere with play time. These items are smaller, and so less expensive, but these are created from antique fabrics....a rayon (mohair texture) child's coat, and woolen carriage robes.

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