Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ah, the Merry Month of May! We experienced the Art Doll/Art Bear show in Philadelphia, PA promoted by the Quinlan's and their doll/bear museum in Santa Barbara, CA. Wonderful eye candy for me....more doll artists....just LOVE to see the creative work!! I took a doll class with Ankie Daneen, a professional doll maker, and learned to use creative paperclay and create an "innocent face". Very fun and educational! Hope to continue in this.....
The photo shows "The JazzBeard" a figment of my imagination created from a George Gershwin tune  titled "The JazzBird". I heard this on a Melissa Manchester CD titled "Naughty Lady" which I have not been able to find again for sale. (Was going to add this CD to the bear package sale). The JazzBeard shows the direction I'm going in right now....incorporating hands and fingers to give more "action" to my pieces. The costuming was from vintage fabrics....faille (which I cannot find here in Syracuse, NY) and a metallic piece that I had stashed. The shoes were created from a heavy knit of metallic/glittery black fabric; she wears vintage rhinestone jewelry to complete the look. Vintage jewels adorn the fingers, too. Just LOVE IT!

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