Thursday, November 6, 2014

Well, here it is, the month of Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for so much! For my success at the Quinlan ArtDoll and Artist Teddy Bear show in May of this year. I so enjoy that show, just for the eye candy; also for the creative challenges that I find while preparing for this show. I'm intending to participate again this coming (2015) year. Already my 'lil ole brain is a-workin' away.....

I also did the Teddy Bear Artists International show in Binghamton, NY in August 2014. Shown below is my Art Gallery piece depicting my 20 years of memories from TBAI.

Several small bears in an antique cart showing various gallery pieces created over the years by Maggie's Creations. One-Of-A-Kind piece, which is what i so enjoy doing.

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