Sunday, October 18, 2009

"It Don't Mean A Thing.....If It Ain't Got That Swing!"

The newest art bear creation using Duke Ellington's tune for the theme. This is my latest bear creation, that is. Duke Ellington's tune has always summed it up for me music wise. I always loved the "devil's" music....blues, rock, torch songs, Big Band stuff, Michael Buble'...Queen with Freddie Mercury was my last rock band favorite. I felt that after his death, modern music was incomprehensible mostly, and does not deserve a "music" term. I'm sure "age" (Oh! There that is again!) may have something to do with it. I just feel sorry for this generation that has no melody, that's all. Anyway, we all were brought up on the classics, which AT THE TIME, I could not appreciate those either. But AGE changed that. Our mother was our culture expert, giving us a love for music and books. We were to experience all kinds and not just wallow in one type.

My brother wrote me today mentioning how his views of aging had changed. Our age legacy goes up into the nineties, and we both decided we felt pretty young for being in the sixties. So we're gonna get all the gusto we can from the "few remaining years left." HAH! If you know Jesus, you know that age is forever! Think of all that great music in heaven!! The Buttons (our family) will be singing "Jerusalem!" and "Hallelujah!" up there in whatever part harmony is given us.

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