Saturday, October 31, 2009


I tried to find out some info on peacocks and their characteristics to see why I was fascinated by them. I found a lot on how to raise them, etc. but not much on behavior. LOL....all God's creatures have some behavioral qualities. We know these birds love to strut their stuff and show off their beauty. I did find one comment that stated that peacocks were "quarrelsome and does not mix well with other domestic animals." Uh-Oh...I didn't want to discover that, though I do admit to not needing a great amount of social contact among the human species.

Peacocks are members of the pheasant family, and pretty independent, from what I gathered in info collecting. I identified with them when I was in a college course and had to identify what animal I thought I was...we had to charade it! How can I say that I feel beautiful on the inside, when on the OUTSIDE I'm not so beautiful? But, I've always loved the idea of being beautiful; I think this came from the need to be desired, since all beautiful people are desirable, Right?

So, I create bling, art dolls, art bears, and "artist" handbags. I hope these express the "peacock look" that I'm after. Of course, I am always reminded that "man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart." So, since I believe that I want to spend my eternity with The Lord, I am trying to find out more about having a heart like Jesus'. It ain't easy to be sure, since I'm just the human and do not have His supernatural qualities. But, I am a work in progress. At 65, I may not have much time left to work on this!

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